Manage Your Event With the Right Party Rentals

By: Beth Bach, Sales Director

A good party starts with a solid concept or theme. Once you have that, you can drill down into all of the finite details. Say you want a party with a “chic” theme. That’s great. Now, you will want to stylize that theme a bit more – do you want New York chic, French chic or Bohemian chic? Once you’ve decided, then you can start with your event execution.

A successful event doesn’t have to consist of a million party rental pieces. Here are six essentials you will need to make your next event a surefire hit with your guests.

1. Bar Set-Up

Likely, the first thing your guests will gravitate towards is your libation station. You can infuse a lot of creativity here. Instead of a standard bar, think of ways to add depth and character. Perhaps the back bar space has ladders or shelves with interesting bottles displayed on them. Small, inexpensive details such as mini chalkboards with your signature drinks noted on them can add whimsy to your theme. Or, beverage dispensers displayed on the bar may be a fun way to serve up a cool summer drink.

2. Add Something Fun

A “fun” element to engage your guests is always encouraged. Photo booths are so popular and never seem to go out of style. You can even set-up your own photo area with a camera, tripod, a computer monitor, and an inexpensive camera remote that you can buy on Dress up your photo area with a simple, themed backdrop. By doing this, you will have some fantastic memories that will make you smile. Your guests will likely post the photos on their social media handles as well.

3. Color, Color, Color

Having a small color palette in mind is another way to tie your theme together with your party rentals. A really easy color to work with is blue. Since there are so many shades of blue, you can’t go wrong. Neutrals are also trending right now, such as an all-champagne or ivory hue infused into your entire event. As I write this, purple is on the map due to Prince’s untimely death. You can dress up your party with linens from Creative Coverings, place settings, centerpieces and more.

4. Incorporate An Element of Originality

I love attending events where there is an element of uniqueness. Many times, it is within the event space itself. Perhaps it’s a hip lemonade stand, or an inviting couch arrangement with colorful pillows to allow for conversations to flow. Good party rentals can certainly help with enhancing your theme and creating something original that could be the topic of water cooler conversation the next day!

5. Presenting Your Cuisine

One simple method to showcase your food displays is to create height and dimension to your stations. Wooden wine boxes, cake stands and other nifty party rental items can easily bring a whole new level of creativity to your event.

6. Think Lighting

Most importantly, and often forgotten, is good lighting. Accent your areas with thoughtfully planned lighting touch points. Have you thought about how string lighting can add charm and romance? Perhaps your trees are lit to provide a sense of enchantment. Maybe you need some chandeliers for dramatic flair. A good planner will also lend his or her ideas on how to best use lighting at your event.


If you stick to these basic elements, you’re surely on your way to success. Your party rental partner will also have helpful thoughts and opinions to “plus” your ideas too. Happy planning!

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